For many people, the day can not begin without a piping hot beverage first thing in themorning and multiple refills as it progresses. The usual way of making coffee required making an entire pot which meant that in many cases, a good bit of it would be wasted because it sat long enough to grow cold and stale. Reading Keurig reviews can give one an insight into the various models of single serve brewing options available.

Introduced in 1992, the Keurig single service brewing method has earned them a position as a leading innovator in their field. Their machines have become treasured fixtures in office and homes worldwide because of their high convenience factor. They have built their productsand reputation on the premise that each and every cup brewed should be just as fresh, hot and perfect as the last.


The manufacturers understand that each situation will have unique preferences or requirements, so they have created multiple models featuring different special features in various combinations. Whether needing a very compact design for cramped space, one suited for casual use or a heavy duty machine that is going to see a lot of daily action, there is one that fits those needs. Two things they all share are effortless clean up and a quick and convenient brewing system.

This ingenious brewing method uses a specially designed canister known as a K-cup, to deliver carefully measured amounts of product in order to create a perfect individual beverage. Including coffees, cocoas, ciders, teas and other hot drinks, there are more than 200 flavor choices. It is clear that this system provides multiple advantages.
The obvious advantage is that every person can have a beverage that meets their preferences. Even brewing one after the other, the taste from the first does not transfer over into the next because it is a clean delivery system. The majority of the models also allow the drinker to choose between a small or normal sized cup to determine the strength of their flavor.

In order to reach a broader customer base in the convenience of their own homes or offices, many gourmet and name brand blends have began manufacturing their own products in K-cups so that they can be used in single cup brewers. It takes approximately one minute to produce a fresh, hot mug of coffee, tea or other beverage. There is no need to grind or measure anything into a filter because it has already been done and once finished, simply toss the canister.

For those who enjoy hot tea or coffee but are not capable of emptying an entire pot before it cools, this could be the best solution. In a situation where multiple people have varied preferences, this is a convenient option. It takes care of hot cocoa, cider and several other brewed beverages as well.

Knowing what other people consider good and bad about each different model through Keurig reviews online, could help give one a better understanding of what they need. What works for some may not be right for another and some optional features may be best avoided or may be necessary. All in all, this is a cleaner, easier, more economical brewing choice.


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